Thesis and Dissertation Topics

  • Non-conventional number representations (Dr Dimitrov and Dr Madanayake);
  • Wavelets analysis of biomedical (neuroscience) data (Dr Patricia Lessa);
  • Non-uniform sampling (Prof H M de Oliveira);
  • Approximate transforms (Dr Bayer, Dr Madanayake);
  • Stochastic analysis of the fast algorithms;
  • Derivatives and generalizations of the arithmetic Fourier transform;
  • Not so poor man's Fourier Series;
  • Stockwell transform analysis;
  • Watermarking based on number theoretic transforms (Dr Dimitrov, Dr Madanayake);
  • New probability distributions (Dr Rego, Dr Cordeiro);
  • Density of Gaussian integer sets and its probabilistic implications (Dr Rego);
  • Statistical image processing of SAR data (Dr Frery, Dr Nascimento).

Research Areas

Our group develops original research chiefly in the following areas:
  • efficient numerical computation;
  • approximation methods;
  • finite field transforms;
  • fast algorithms;
  • non-conventional approaches for spectral estimation;
  • signal analysis (analog, discrete, digital; voice, image, video); and
  • biomedical signal processing.
In statistical jargon, our research is a combination of the following: Some areas of collaborative research are:
  • statistical image processing of SAR data with Dr A C Frery;
  • circuitry design with Dr A Madanayake;
  • communications systems with Dr T V Cooklev;
  • sampling and interpolation methods with Dr H M de Oliveira;
  • probability distributions with Dr L C Rego and Dr G M Cordeiro.