1 Nov 2014: DSP Blog

Updates to this site will be posted in our blog:

4 Nov 2013: Accepter paper

Paper "Multiplierless Approximate 4-point DCT VLSI Architectures for Transform Block Coding" was accepted for publication at Electronics Letters journal. This work was authored by Dr F M Bayer, Dr R J Cintra, Dr A Madanaye, and U Potluri.

29 Aug 2013: Awarded

Congratulations to Raiza Oliveira who was awarded $500 from the Simposio Brasileiro de Telecomunicacoes, 2013.

19 Aug 2013: Top Accessed

Published paper VLSI Architectures for the 4-Tap and 6-Tap 2-D Daubechies Wavelet Filters Using Algebraic Integers by S. K.Madishetty, A. Madanayake, R. J. Cintra, V. S. Dimitrov, and D. H. Mugler is the #5 position in the list of "Top Accessed Article" from IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers.

30 Jan 2013: New members

Our group admitted two new members: Diego Araujo and Raiza Oliveira. They are undergrad students and will work as research assistants in signal processing.


5 Jan 2013: Accepted

Group member Pamela Bezerra was admitted for graduate studies at the Graduate Program in Computer Science, UFPE.

Although Pamela is not officially linked to our group anymore, we wish her a successful academic path.

19 Dec 2012: Grant awarded

Our proposed grant submitted to CNPq was well received.

This financial support will allow us to keep our scientific activities. In particular we plan to promote the "First Meeting of the Signal Processing Group" (provisory name). This means a get-together where all current and previous members will be invited.

6 Dec 2012: Undergrad Presentation

Congratulations to Mr Diego F G Coelho for the well delivered presentation at the "20th Undergraduate Scientific Initiation Congress" (CONIC) [Original: XX Congresso de Iniciacao Cientifica] at UFPE.

The work title was "A Representation for Complex Number based on Algebraic Integers" [Original: Uma Representacao para Numeros Complexos Baseada em Inteiros Algebricos] co-authored by R J Cintra, L C Souza, A Madanayake, and V S Dimitrov.

23 Nov 2012: Hired

Group member Dr Abraao D C Nascimento was hired as an assistant professor at the Department of Statistics of "Universidade Federal da Paraiba".

Congratulations for this achievement!

19 Nov 2012: Accepted

Group member Diego Coelho was admitted for graduate studies at the Graduate Program in Statistics, UFPE.


1 Nov 2012: Visit to Akron

During the entire month of November, Dr Cintra visited Akron in collaboration with Dr A Madanayake and collaborators.

Several pending scientific projects were catalyzed and new directions for our joint research were planned.

21 Set 2012: Best student paper award

The work "Representacao Numerica em Inteiros de Gauss-Eisenstein" by D F G Coelho, R J Cintra, L C Souza, A Madanayake, V S Dimitrov was awarded best student paper prize at the "XXX Simposio Brasileiro de Telecomunicacoes (SBrT'12)".

A framed certificate was issued and student author was given a computer.


15 Aug 2012: Three accepted papers!

Recently, in a short period of time we had three accepted works. The papers are:

  • U S Potluri, A Madanayke, R J Cintra, F M Bayer, N Rajapaksha, "Multiplier-free DCT approximations for RF multi-beam digital aperture-array space imaging and directional sensing", Meas. Sci. Technol., Institute of Physics.
  • S Madishetty, A Madanayke, R J Cintra, V Dimitrov, D Mugler, "VLSI Architectures for the 4-tap and 6-tap 2-D Daubechies Wavelet Filters using Algebraic Integers", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I.
  • F M Bayer, R J Cintra, A Edirisuriya, A Madanayke, "A digital hardware fast algorithm and FPGA-based prototype for a novel 16-point approximate DCT for image compression applications", Meas. Sci. Technol., Institute of Physics.

My most sincere compliments to all authors for these achievements!

27 Jul 2012: Thesis Awarded First Prize

The thesis entitled "Statistical Information Theory for Univariate and Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data" [Original: Teoria Estatistica da Informacao para Dados de Radar de Abertura Sintetica Univariados e Polarimetricos by group member Dr. Abraao D C Nascimento was awarded first prize at the Brazilian Society for Applied and Computational Mathematics [Original: Sociedade Brasileira de Matematica Aplicada e Computacional] doctoral thesis competition.

This is a nationwide annual competition. Detailed results are published here.

The work was advised by Dr Alejandro Frery and Dr R J Cintra and it can be downloaded here (approx. 61MB PDF).

Congratulations to Dr Nascimento for this well deserved recognition.

3 Jul 2012: Published paper at Electronics Letters!

Paper "DCT-like Transform for Image Compression Requires 14 Additions Only" was accepted for publication at Electronics Letters journal. This work was authored by Dr F M Bayer and Dr R J Cintra.

This publication is an important accomplishment and a result of our advances in better understanding and applying approximation theory to discrete transform matrices.

23 Jun 2012: Domain and Google Apps

Internet domain dsp-stat.org is now owned by the Signal Processing Group @ Stat.

Groups' new address is:


Old pointers to this page will remain active.

Google Apps was also set, including email accounts. Members are eligible for an account upon request.

14 Jun 2012: Two accepted papers!

We have two papers accepted at the "XXX Simposio Brasileiro de Telecomunicacoes (SBrT'12)", Brazilian foremost conference on communications:

  • D F G Coelho, L C Souza, R J Cintra, A Madanayake, V S Dimitrov; "Representacao Numerica em Inteiros de Gauss-Eisenstein";
  • R J Cintra; "Soma por Partes para Sinais Periodicos e Transformadas Discretas".

Congratulations to all authors!

Efforts will be directed to expand these results into full journal papers.

12 Jun 2012: Accepted papers!

Following papers were accepted for oral presentation at the 2012 SINAPE, a major Brazilian conference on Statistics and Probability and its applications:

  • D F G Coelho, R J Cintra, A Madanayake, V S Dimitrov, L C Souza; Uma Representacao para Numeros Complexos Baseada em Inteiros;
  • A D C Nascimento, R J Cintra, A C Frey; Testes de Hipoteses Baseados em Teoria da Informacao e na Razao de Verossimilhancas: Uma Aplicacao a Dados PolSAR;
  • G J A Amaral, R J Cintra, V E da Silva Junior; Jogos Computacionais para o Ensino de Analise de Regressao.

A simple acceptance notification is here.

Congratulations to all involved for the papers!

7 Jun 2012: Accepted paper!

Paper "The McDonald normal distribution" by Dr G M Cordeiro, Dr R J Cintra, Dr L C Rego, and Dr Edwin M. M. Ortega was accepted for publication at Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research (PJSOR) after blind peer review. This work introduces a brand new probability distribution derived from the normal distribution.

Congratulations to all authors!

4 Jun 2012: Seminar

On June 6, 4pm, Dr R J Cintra will deliver a seminar entitled "Approximate Methods for Spectral Estimation" at the Department of Statistics, UFPE. Recent results on approximate discrete trigonometric transforms will be presented.

This work was done in collaboration with Dr F M Bayer, Dr A Madanayake (Univ of Akron), and Mr. A Edirisuriya (Univ of Akron).

At the same day, at 2pm, Dr R J Cintra will deliver a high-school level seminar at UFPE Convention Center. Seminar title is "Paul McCartney Is Memoryless".

30 May 2012: New Server

Group webpages now live in a Amazon S3 bucket for improved reliability.

2 Apr 2012: Iniciacao Cientifica (Intended audience: UFPE Students)

(20/04/2012) Vagas preenchidas. Agradecimento aos interessados.

Vaga para alunos de Eng Eletronica, Eng da Computacao, Matematica (Bacharelado), Fisica (Bacharelado) ou Estatistica interessados em Iniciacao Cientifica na Area de Processamento de Sinais.

Desejavel: aprovacao em Sinais e Sistemas (Prof Ricardo/Profa Marcia) ou Principios de Comunicacao (Prof Helio) ou Processamento Digital de Sinais (Prof Ricardo) ou Criptografia ou Teoria da Informacao; conhecimento de MATLAB/R.

Cartaz: Chamada para Iniciacao Cientifica.

Sitio do Programa Institucional de Bolsas de Iniciacao Cientifica (PIBIC).

Candidatos devem enviar com antecedencia mensagem por correio eletronico para Prof Renato J Cintra (rjdsc (arroba) stat.ufpe.org) com historico escolar.

26 Mar 2012: Again: Accepted paper!

Paper entitled "VLSI Architecture for 8-Point AI-based Arai DCT having Low Area-Time Complexity and Power at Improved Accuracy" by Mr Amila Edirisuriya, Dr Arjuna Madanayake, Dr Vassil Dimitrov, Dr Renato J Cintra, and Dr Jithra Adikari was fully accepted for a special issue of the Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications.

Congratulations to all authors for the hard work.

23 Mar 2012: Accepted paper!

Submitted paper "Edge Detection in PolSAR Imagery with Stochastic Entropies and Distances" by Dr Abraao Nascimento, Dr Renato J Cintra, Dr Michelle Horta, and Dr Alejandro Frery has been accepted for oral presentation at the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium to be held in Munich, Germany.

A very nice accomplishment for all authors!

29 Feb 2012: Thesis Defended

Group member Abraao D C do Nascimento has defended his doctorate thesis today with great success. Examination committee was composed of Dr Corina da Costa Freitas, Dr Helio M de Oliveira, Dr Gauss M Cordeiro, Dr Klaus L P Vasconcellos, and Dr Renato J Cintra; with the presence of Dr Alejandro C Frery.

Congratulations to Dr Nascimento!

11 Feb 2012: Top Accessed

Published paper A DCT Approximation for Image Compression by R J Cintra and F M Bayer is the #12 position in the list of "Top Accessed Article" from IEEE Signal Processing Letters.

8 Feb 2012: Accepted paper!

Submitted paper "Block-Parallel Systolic-Array Architecture For 2-D NTT-Based Fragile Watermark Embedding" by H P L Arjuna Madanayake, R J Cintra, V S Dimitrov, L Bruton was accepted for publication in Parallel Processing Letters.

6 Jan 2012: ISCAS 2012

Our paper submission "Error-Free VLSI Architecture for the 2-D Daubechies 4-Tap Filter Using Algebraic Integers", has been accepted for presentation at the 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits & Systems, to be held in Seoul, Korea from 20-23 May 2012.

Congratulations to all authors: Mr Madishetty, Dr Madanayake, Dr Cintra, Dr Mugler, and Dr Dimitrov.

20 Dec 2011: IMPA

Group member and Electrical Engg. undergrad Diego F G Coelho was accepted as a visiting student for the Summer Courses at IMPA.


18 Nov 2011: Congress

Congratulations to Isadora and Carolina for the well-done presentations at the XIX CONIC.

4 Nov 2011: Accepted paper!

Submitted paper "A Row-parallel 8x8 2-D DCT Architecture Using Algebraic Integer Based Exact Computation" by A Madanayake, R J Cintra, D Onen, V. S Dimitrov, N Rajapaksha, L T Bruton, A Edirisuriya was just accepted for publications in the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology.

3 Nov 2011: New Front Page

As of today we have a new front page.